What I Love About Self-Publishing

I have been a writer since I was twelve. I wrote several books for a vanity publisher while in high school and my first few years in college. I worked with a literary agent a few years ago only to end up empty-handed with no book deal. So, without any other choice, I self-published my […]

Less of Me and More of You Jesus

Today, I want to share with you a brief thought. I am constantly praying this short prayer: “Less of me and more of You, Jesus.” Those eight words sum up my need to die to self daily and allow Jesus to work in and through me every moment of every day. Let’s be honest—isn’t that […]

Interview with Rudy Garcia (author of Forged By Fire)

On this episode of the Ignite the Word Podcast I sit down with my good friend, Rudy Garcia! We talk about his debut novel, Forged By Fire, and unpack some of the biblical principles found throughout the book! Pre-order it now on Amazon! It officially releases on December 5, 2020!

What Does it Mean to Be A Christian Writer?

What does it mean to be a “Christian Writer?” That is the topic of this essay, a question I have been asking myself for some time now. While writing my first novel, I asked myself this question repeatedly. “Christian writer” is every Christian, regardless if they have published a book, or if they have written in their journal, or just texted a friend about Jesus, or the Gospel at some point in their life. I want to answer the initial question and add three more that I think are intrinsically part of the conversation.

Book Review: Working the Angles by Eugene Peterson

Pastoral work is no easy task. Eugene Peterson’s Working the Angles focuses on three angles—prayer, scripture, and spiritual direction—that are directed toward those who are pastors, whether vocationally or bi-vocationally. Upon reading the book it appears that Peterson’s main purpose in writing Working the Angles is to prepare pastors to not just do the work […]

Bible Review: ESV Heirloom Single Column Personal Size

I am huge fan of the personal size Bibles. The ESV Heirloom Single Column Personal Size is ideal for those of you who love a sturdy, small Bible. The goatskin cover is really nice. If you like a Bible that has a cover that will last, this is it! The paper is a little thin […]

Why I Wrote ‘Redeem the Story’

This article was first published on Medium in the publication Koinonia. I remember it like it was yesterday. My wife and I were in the kitchen standing next to the counter. The kitchen, for us, is the place where many of our deepest, personal, and life-changing conversations tend to happen. And it’s usually with a […]

M2L Students: Eagle Rock Update – 6/18/20

We are less than two months out from heading back to Eagle Rock Camp in July! ERC is a special place for us, because it’s more than just a “summer camp”. It’s a place where we go to meet with God for a week every summer. And there’s nothing better than a week on top […]

We Need to Be Vocal About Injustice

Our country is in trouble if things don’t begin to change. As a pastor I believe Christians need to be more vocal about injustice than anyone else. God’s people must be the voice for change. Silence is warranted sometimes and other times it speaks louder than we might realize. No more silence. Our culture is […]


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